Some of our recent interior decor projects.

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Design & Decor 

By Ana Djevenica

Think a professional interior decorator is out of reach?  Think again!

Dotted throughout the northern Virginia are master planned communities made up of homes that are nearly identical to each other. As each home resembles the one next to it, it becomes more important to have an interior that is unique and offers a perception of affluence. We all want to have our homes look like that of high end professionally decorated mansions, but often lack the funds to achieve it.  Or, so we think.  The reality is that living in a space that looks amazing does not have to be out of reach. Anyone can have dapper dwellings with a few careful considerations.

I specialize in creating beautiful interiors without busting budgets.  Contact me now to learn what Total Home Services can do for you!.

Ana Djevenica CID